The Evergreen is an independent coffee shop with a relaxed and friendly vibe coming from mostly locals and Loyola college students.

With free wifi and large spaces available to our customers, many students or professionals bring their laptops or work; others lounge on the sofa with a book and coffee, or have a great meal with family and friends. There is a large bookshelf filled, open for anyone to swap books. For those interested in the arts, about every month, we change our display throughout the cafe of art work, paintings and photographs by local artists and photographers.

evergreen srore 1Coffee lovers can enjoy our bottomless drip coffee, brewed fresh constantly throughout the entire day. We brew Zeke’s, a local favorite and popular coffee bean. Our espresso beans are of highest quality and all drinks are made to order. We serve fresh and largely portioned food. Most everything is homemade- salad dressing, soups, hummus, pastries, gelato, bagel chips, etc. All pastries and desserts freshly baked daily.

We are known for our huge homemade cookies and delicious muffins. We have an outstanding selection of teas. Our homemade gelato consisting of a wide range of flavors is a delectable treat any time, any day.